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Women in International Justice & Accountability

The Asia Justice Coalition (AJC) has been shortlisted and granted a Co-Impact Gender Fund Grant 2022. The Gender Fund aims to transform systems to be more just and inclusive ensuring at least 100 million people have better healthcare, quality education, and the opportunity to thrive – regardless of their gender, class, ethnicity, or race. This will be achieved through supporting organizations across Africa, Asia, and Latin America to advance their vision for change.

To accelerate gender equality and women's leadership at scale, as a part of Co-Impact's Women-in-Leadership in Law category, the AJC secretariat will work on a four-year-long project titled 'WOMEN LEADERS IN INTERNATIONAL JUSTICE & ACCOUNTABILITY'. The project aims to develop women’s leadership in international law by building expertise and facilitating constructive dialogue around critical issues of international justice and accountability, building upon the work that we have been doing as a collective.

The AJC Secretariat's project will be situated in three jurisdictions within Asia - India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The three themes upon which the project will be based are as follows:

  1. Migration/Refugees/Internally Displaced Persons (IDP);

  2. International criminal justice mechanisms; and

  3. Restorative and transitional justice

This grant is recognition and an extension of our collective and ongoing work on international justice and accountability concerning Myanmar/Rohingya. Keeping with the AJC's foundational goal of expanding focus to Asia-wide, the project will initiate, design, and sponsor interventions in three South-Asian jurisdictions with the help of local civil society partners.

The Gender Fund will unite philanthropists, women-led organizations, and locally rooted partners to advance gender equality and women's leadership. Asia Justice Coalition will collaborate with Co-Impact's diverse team of funders, advisors & other partners behind this vision for deep-rooted change for #ImpactForEquality.

The Asia Justice Coalition is excited to partner with Co-Impact. We are equally thrilled to work alongside an inspiring group of partners to make this happen- ARMMAN, Breakthrough Trust, The Clooney Foundation for Justice, Equis Justicia para las Mujeres AC, GQUAL, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, The Institute for African Women in Law, International Association of Women Judges, International Women’s Rights Action Watch Asia Pacific, National Council of Applied Economic Research India, Nossas, Partnership For Economic Policy Inc, Professional Assistance for Development Action (PRADAN), and Red ALAS.

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