The Asia Justice Coalition works as a collective, to advocate and ensure common messages are conveyed more effectively. Below are joint statements issued by the Asia Justice Coalition, speaking in one voice.

Statement: Election of Mr. Karim Khan as Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, 

18 June 2021

Statement on Myanmar: Justice and Accountability for the Escalating violence by the Myanmar

Military (Tatmadaw) , 22 March 2021

Statement in Solidarity and Support of the Rohingya Community: The Need for Justice and Accountability, 

25 August 2020

Statement on Rohingya refugees at sea,

1 May 2020 

Statement on Myanmar: Free detainees and Rescind State of Emergency, 6 February 2021

Statement on the International Court of Justice Provisional Measures Order in The Gambia v Myanmar, 23 January 2020