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The Asia Justice Coalition works as a collective, to advocate and ensure common messages are conveyed more effectively. Below are joint statements issued by the Asia Justice Coalition, speaking in one voice.


The World Must Stand Up for the Rohingya - Lest We Forget!, 25 August 2023

It's Time for a Global Convention on Crimes Against Humanity, 13 April 2023

Twenty-Five Years of the Rome Statute - Looking Forward, 17 July 2023

Two Years of Entrenched Impunity in Myanmar: A Call for Effective Coordinated International Action, 1 February 2023


Fifth Year of ‘Never Again’: Rohingya Await Justice Amidst International Inaction, 25 August 2022

Myanmar Military Must Stop Resumption of the Death Penalty, 10 June 2022

20th Anniversary of the International Criminal Court, 5 July 2022

The Gambia v. Myanmar: Hearings on Preliminary Objections at the ICJ, 11 March 2022

Urgent Call for Action: One year into Myanmar Coup, Growing Impunity & International Indifference, 1 February 2022


Condemnation  of  the  Escalating  Military  Abuses  in  Chin  State  and  Neighbouring Regions, 12 November 2021

End Impunity in Myanmar Now: Four Years Since Commission of Mass Atrocity Crimes Against the Rohingya, 25 August 2021

Statement on Myanmar: Justice and Accountability for the Escalating violence by the Myanmar Military (Tatmadaw) , 22 March 2021

Statement on Myanmar: Free detainees and Rescind State of Emergency, 6 February 2021

Statement: Election of Mr. Karim Khan as Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, 

18 June 2021


Statement in Solidarity and Support of the Rohingya Community: The Need for Justice and Accountability, 25 August 2020

Statement on Rohingya refugees at sea, 1 May 2020 

Statement on the International Court of Justice Provisional Measures Order in The Gambia v Myanmar, 23 January 2020

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