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Universal Jurisdiction and the ‘Global South’: Reviewing and Reframing

From 25-27 January 2022, the Asia Justice Coalition (AJC) secretariat held its second in a series of convenings on universal jurisdiction. This closed-door workshop brought together a diverse group of experts to focus on the barriers and opportunities for universal jurisdiction in the so-called 'Global South'.

The convening included context-specific case studies as well as deliberations on: complementarity as a political pressure point, piracy in contrast to universal jurisdiction for mass atrocities, asset tracing as a parallel pathway to accountability, and building networks to encourage cooperation.

The focus on the ‘Global South’ (further discussion of the term in the paper) arose from the secretariat’s broader consideration of the various avenues towards justice and accountability for international crimes in our region.

This convening note is organized around the prominent themes that emerged during the discussions. The convening adhered to the Chatham House rule and the participants’ responses were non-attributable.

Read the full Convening Note

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