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Training: Justice Avenues for International Crimes for Civil Society Organizations in Asia

In October and November 2020, Asia Justice Coalition and the Federation for International Human Rights (FIDH) partnered to deliver trainings focusing on justice avenues for international crimes. This training was particularly relevant in light of recent judicial developments before the ICC and other international mechanisms.

The situation of the Rohingyas demonstrate how the interplay of different justice mechanisms can contribute towards securing accountability. The training comprised of five online webinars delivered to human rights practitioners working across Asia and covered the following key areas:

  • International Justice and Accountability, International Law, and Civil Society

  • The ICC, its Mandate, Composition, and Procedures

  • Role and Relevance of International Investigative Mechanisms and UN Fact-finding Bodies

  • The Concept of Universal Jurisdiction and Best Practices/Case Studies

  • The Role of the International Court of Justice

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