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January 2024

Asia Justice Coalition Secretariat Convenes in Bangkok

From 22-25 January, the Asia Justice Coalition secretariat held their annual in-person meeting in Bangkok, Thailand to reflect on strategies and challenges for the year ahead, with guidance from Ratan Postwalla of PeopleTrust.


Associate Research Fellowship at the Institute of Commonwealth Studies


In January 2024, secretariat Head Dr. Priya Pillajoined the Institute of Commonwealth Studies as an Associate Research Fellow.


Gender and International Criminal Law conference


From 16 – 17 January, the Asia Justice Coalition was invited to speak on a panel at the two-dayconference on Gender and International Criminal Law co-organised by UN Women, Legal Action Worldwide (LAW) and others. AJC’s Project Manager Sangeetha Yogendran spoke about the continued challenges women leaders face in the international justice and accountability space, the need to continue working to empower women leaders and the importance of facilitating such access for women leaders and survivors of international harm so that they can exercise their power, agency and leadership.


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