Online Symposium: Asia Justice Coalition and Opinio Juris (2020)

From 24-28 August 2020, Asia Justice Coalition and Opinio Juris curated a virtual symposium titled: ‘The Impact and Implications of International Law: Myanmar and the Rohingya’. This event marked three years since the forced exodus of the Rohingya from Myanmar was at its zenith as a result of international crimes committed in Rakhine State.

The aim of the symposium was to: (i) advocate and highlight issues related to international justice and accountability for the Rohingya; and (ii) foster engagement by and between members of the Coalition.

The symposium highlighted implications of international legal proceedings, issues that required further examination, and advocacy efforts. Contributors to the symposium included representatives of AJC members such as Kingsley Abbott (ICJ), Jenny Domino (ICJ), Akila Radhakrishnan (GJC), Simon Adams (GCR2P), and others.

In total, 13 posts were published during the symposium. Click here to for more information and to read all contributions.